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MBA in Business Analytics is becoming one of the most sought-after new age specialized MBA in India. But what is Business Analytics? Business analytics combines the fields of management, business and computer science to help businesses take data-driven decisions. It uses advance statistical analysis that focuses on providing actionable recommendations. Business Analysts in this field focus on deriving insights from real business and consumer data. The goal is to draw insights about why things happened, what will happen and what should be done. Business analytics utilizes big data, statistical analysis, and data visualization to take better decisions and implement organization changes. Business Analytics is being used in practically every industry particularly Banking & Financial Services, E-commerce and Retailing. Proliferation of consumer and business data, generated by use of mobile technology, computing, sensors and other devices have led to explosion in this field. 

Because of growing industry demand, MBA in Business Analytics is becoming one of the most preferred specialized MBA courses in India. IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, ISB Hyderabad, Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai and many other leading B-schools are offering different types of MBA in Analytics programs. These programs range from being standalone to part-of-regular MBA program, from full-time to part-time and many other options. So, which is the right program for you, and what is the fee for each of these programs? Read this article to find out all the answers. 

2-Year Full Time Specialized MBA in Business Analytics by IIM

Different Types of MBA in Analytics Programs in India

After study of more than 50 programs, we can classify these programs into six different categories, as below:

  1. 2-Year Full Time Specialized MBA or MBA Equivalent PGDM in Business Analytics by B-Schools and Universities
  2. 1-Year Full Time Specialized MBA or Post Graduate Certificate Program in Business Analytics by top B-schools
  3. Executive (Part Time) On-Campus/Hybrid Specialized MBA/PGDM or Certificate Programs in Business Analytics by Top B-schools & Universities
  4. MBA Specialization in Business Analytics offered within 2-year full time General MBA/PGDM Program
  5. Executive (Part-time) Online Specialized MBA/PGDM or Certificate in Business Analytics

Careers in Business Analytics
High placement opportunities are available to build your careers in Business Analytics, if you complete your MBA Business Analytics from one of the best colleges. With an aim to help shape the emerging profession of business analytics to the aspirants, the students become equipped to build a career in business analytics in top companies.

A student pursuing MBA in Business Analytics becomes a Business analyst who is capable to solve the various corporate organizational issues with his/her skills and data analytics tools. The companies hire the Business Analytics professionals to get the best suggestions and actions based on Business Data Analysis and scientifically arrived future predictions.

The careers in Business Analytics are rising year after year as the MBAs in Business Analytics are getting higher placements and are in high demand by the top recruiters, as the companies need these professionals who can use scientific analysis of Business data to make business decisions. The average salary offered to an MBA with Business Analytics is Rs 9LPA to 25LPA.

Some of the top recruiters offering careers in Business Analytics include Accenture, Crayon data, Global Analytics, Exl Analytics, Convergytics, Mu Sigma, Fractal Analytics, AbsoluteData, Manthan, Brillio, LatentView, Gramener among others. 

MBA Business Analytics Courses & Syllabus

IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, Great Lakes, LBSIM have more or less common courses and syllabus for MBA in Business Analytics. Following are the key topics & courses covered in the MBA Business Analytics:

The MBA Business Analytics courses for 1st year students are similar to other MBA programmes. They are exposed to basic concepts in the areas of Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Organization Design, Human Resources Management, Decision Sciences, and Operations Management through Core courses, and Core Analytics courses such as Applied Probability and Statistical Models, Introduction to Computing, Time-Series and Forecasting Techniques, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics.  

It is the second year in which the MBA in Business Analytics courses and syllabus get different. Following are the key topics covered in the courses and electives of MBA in Business Analytics Syllabus:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • Business Forecasting
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Sports Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Model-Business Decision
  • Infrastructure Development
  • PPPs and Regulation
  • Indian and International Perspectives
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Research for Marketing Decisions
  • Brand Management
  • Entrepreneurship in Action
  • Personal Values, Goals and Career Options
  • Creating High Performance Organizations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology and Operations Strategy
  • Green Business Management
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Current Economic Scenario – Indian Economy and Policy Matters for Business
  • Global Securities Markets
  • Corporate Governance

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