Top 50 MBA Colleges In India

Why do MBA aspirants bother with rankings of Top 50 MBA Colleges in India? It is simply because these top MBA ranking are a great insight into alumni, students, employment reports and classrooms of a top MBA College. Rankings are formed upon data, plus they are quantity and experience driven. A lot can be understood about the Schools’ academics, experience, network, results, momentum, trends and it acts more like checks on these Business Schools. Rankings compel B-Schools to constantly enhance new amenities and innovate. Most importantly they induce business schools to be responsible for living up to the expectations.

These Top 50 MBA Colleges in India Rankings do not just provide a side-by-side comparison to its counterparts, but is also based on historical performances. While rankings give an understanding about upward and downward mobility, they are also an understanding of brand dependability and consensus. The year 2020 has been a bet off but has echoed the adaptability of best colleges for MBA in India and their ability to answer back and invent in distractions and uncertainties.


There are a number of rankings to refer and comprehend about, where the MBA College stands today and where they are heading to. While a few named ranking agencies in India country are IIRF, CSR, Business India, Business Word and NIRF. The below MBA Colleges rankings are based on IIRF ranking 2020 edition. IIRF unveiled its exclusive 2020, data- driven rankings for management schools and as was anticipated, IIMs have once more ranked in elevation.

Here is the list of Top 50 MBA Colleges in India:

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